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The Gaelis Arcanum, Volume I: Objects of Power

Item Name Magic Item Table Submitted By
Dramsting, The Weapons Normac Spotlefoot
Eye of the Storm Miscellaneous Magic: Jewels, Jewelery, Phylacteries Terry Moore
Gauntlets of Vampiric Stealing Miscellaneous Magic: Boots, Bracers, Gloves Chris Perez
Lightsaber Weapons Venger
Mooncloak of Theria Miscellaneous Magic: Cloaks and Robes Robert Barrick
Ring of the Mouse Rings Chet Noll
Ring of Improved Invisibility Rings Chet Noll
Rod of Collection Wands, Staves and Rods Sean K.
Scimitar of Tsunami Weapons David Hopper
Sister Gems Miscellaneous Magic: Jewels, Jewelry, Phylacteries Arwen Evenstar
Staff of Bigby Wands, Staves and Rods Trevor Salzyn
Staff of Firionory, The Wands, Staves and Rods Del Johnson
Staff of Lycanthropy Wands, Staves and Rods Mr. Ned
Sword of Obviousness Weapons Sairk
Tyruse's Scarab of Death Miscellaneous Magic: Jewels, Jewelry, Phylacteries ?
Wax of Sharpness and Durability (Touchless TM) Miscellaneous Magic: The Weird Stuff Jeff Hancock

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