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Lightsaber (Weapons)

XP Value: 20,000

  This is just like the weapon in star wars except adapted for D&D. It's hit bonus is determined by level. Take your characters level divided by 5. This gives your sword its hit and damage bonus. Example: for a 5th level fighter the sword would be +1, at 10th +2 and so on, up to a max of plus 5. In my world I have a personally made up jedi class, but for general purposes anyone else could use it. It can reflect magic missles and lightning back at the caster. It does 3-24 pts of damage plus strength and sword bonus. It can release an energy blast 3 times a day that does 30 pts of damage in a 60 radius no save. If you get a 20 on the 20 sided dice you either chop off the victims head or limbs roll a 6 sided die to determine what is chopped off. It creates a flame shield 3 times a day and a wall of fire 3 times a day.

  Notes: I don't beleive Lucas has the lightsaber idea copyrighted so I don't see why it can't be used. I also made up a jedi class with all kinds of psionic abilitys and immunities to many mind based spells once the individual gets higher level. Many of the psionic attacks I made up completely and have never been used in D&D so it makes for an interesting and powerful character. Thank you
  Submitted By: Venger

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