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Advanced Dungeons and Dragons

  Well, here it is, finally. My page has now officially been put back up. This is the "Second Edition" of a much earlier page which I had. It, unfortunately, entropied its way into Oblivion a while back, as I had not updated it in more than a year. I don't want the same to happen to this page, because I got a lot of positive feedback about the old one, so if you send me something, and it's not up in a week or two, check the "Updates" page. If you don't find anything there about me being away or something, mail me! I am serious about this. I am really not such a bad person to talk to anyway, and I won't bite your head off for helping me. Thank you in advance.

  First you might be wondering just what AD&D is.

  On the other hand, if you already know what it is, then you'll want to know exactly what this page is. This page is a repository for magical items, magical spells, and creatures that people (real people even, or so I assume) submit to me over the net. I put up pretty much everything that I get, so long as it isn't offensive or something. If any editing occurs at my end, it is for spelling and readability.
  If you think that there is another section I should have, then mail me your suggestion. I would have a section up for things such as new races and new classes, but unfortunately I do not have anything to start them with. So if I received something that could be put in another category, I would most likely make an appropriate category and submission pages.

  My submitted stuff is organised in a number of "books", known collectively as The Gaelis. The Gaelis Arcanum deals with arcane subjects such as spells and items. The Gaelis Faunaum deals with the more mundane subject of creatures.

The Gaelis Arcanum

The Gaelis Faunaum

New Stuff

  Volume I: Objects of Mystical Power
  Volume II: Spells of Magic
  Volume III: Spells of Faith

  Volume I: Creatures from A to Z

  Most Recently Submitted:
"Lightsaber" (GA:V1)
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