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Mooncloak of Theria (Miscellanous Magic: Cloaks and Robes)

XP Value: 6,000

  Created by druids in ages past, the Mooncloak reflects spells as a Ring of Spell Turning, grants a +4 on saves vs. spells that cannot be reflected (such as area affect spells), and a base save of 18 vs. effects a saving throw allowed (ice storm, etc.) It provides an AC of 7, as armor, but does not hinder spellcasters. However, any strongly aligned creature(Lawful Good, Chaotic Good, Lawful Evil, Chaotic Evil), suffers 4d4 hp damage from donning the robe, each round with no save until removed.

  Notes: Was created in one of my campaigns.
  Submitted By: Robert Barrick

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