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The Dramsting (Weapons)

XP Value: 9,000

  The Dramsting is a mystical blade which is powerful in many respects. The finely crafted sword begins as a basic +2 magic broad sword. The blade can also be "charged" with holy energy. It takes the wielder 1 round to "charge" the weapon, once "charged" the Dramsting contains 1d6 charges. The sword can remain charged for up to 30 minutes. After being "charged" the blade glows a blue/white color and gives off light comprable to that of a torch. The Dramsting is able to use the holy energy in a few different ways. One charge is used with each of the following attacks available to the sword:
  1) Each time the sword strikes an enemy it does an extra 1d10 damage.
  2) A bolt of energy shoots from the blade and does normal damage to enemies up to 30 yds. away.
  3) A wave of energy is discharged and does 1d4 +2 damage to all enemies in a 10 ft. radius.

  Notes: The Dramsting can only be used by lawful good characters and the special attacks are only effective against evil creatures. Once drawn the Dramsting causes all undead to in the area to attack the bearer and no other.
  Submitted By: Normac Spotlefoot

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