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Staff of Bigby (Rods, Staves, Wands)

XP Value: 15,000

  This staff has 6d12 charges and can be recharged with a level 16 wizard or level 18 priest. The staff has 5 different powers, each of them a spell created by Bigby, one of the greatest wizards in AD&D. All spells casted as if by a level 18 wizard
  Bigby's Interposing Hand takes one charge, creating a gargantuan sized (21 feet) hand floating between the caster and the target. It has 72 hit points and the armor class of 0. A creature that weighs 2,000 or more pounds can push by the hand at half movement rate. The hand lasts for 18 rounds and can be cast up to 180 yards.
  Bigby's Forceful Hand takes two charges, and is a more powerful very of Bigby's Interposing hand. It is the same size of Bigby's Interposing hand, and can last for the same period of time and can be cast at the same distance, as well as having the same health and armor class, but it can push away a creature weighing 500 lbs. or less, can slow the movement of a creature weighing 500-2000 pounds to 10 feet/round or halve the speed of a 2000 pounds or more creature.
  Bigby's Grasping Hand takes three charges and is just like Bigby's Forceful hand, except that it grasps the target. It can hold motionless a creature which weighs less than 1000 pounds, can slow the movement to 10 feet per round of a creature weighing 1000-4000 pounds, and can halve the movement of a creature weighing up to 16000 pounds.
  Bigby's Clenched Fist takes four charges and can be cast up to 100 yards and lasts for 18 rounds. It is under the control of the caster and never misses it's punches. To determine how much damage it does you roll 1d20. If the result is between 1-12 it does 1d6 points of damage, if it is between 13-16 it does 2d6, if it is between 17-19 it does 3d6 and the target is stunned for a round, and, if it is 20, it does 4d6 and the target is stunned for 3 rounds.
  Bigby's Crushing Hand takes five charges and can be cast up to 100 yards and lasts for 18 rounds. It is under complete control of the caster and grasps the target, doing 1d10 rounds on the first round. 2d10 on the second and third rounds and 4d10 on the fourth and every other round. If the hand graps an item, it counts as if it has 25 strength.

  Submitted By: Trevor Salzyn

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