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Rod of Collection (Rods, Staves, Wands)

XP Value: 2,000

  This rod acts like a curse. The rod is 5' long with a blue orb on top. The orb is what makes the rod special. The rod of collection has been made only to curse wizards or priests. When the victim touches the rod, the orb will emit a blue light and energy will flow from the orb to the recipient. This energy collects ALL the spell the wizard/priest has and will have in the future and magically puts them into the orb. The recipient thereafter cannot cast any spells without the rod. Therefore, if the wizard/priest loses the rod, he is not able to cast anymore spells, new or old (except scrolls). The rod has one main advantage. The wizard/priest is able to cast ALL of his spells of ANY level in ONE turn. So, a 9th level spell would normally take from 9-14 turns to cast. With this rod, the caster will cast that spell in one turn. This is a very powerful weapon unless the user loses it, being unable to cast or even learn anymore spells.

  Notes: This rod does NOT in any way affect any other magical items worn by the caster, just the knowledge that the wizard/priest posesses.
  Submitted By: Sean K.

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