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Wax of Sharpness and Durability (Touchless TM) (Miscellaneous Magic: The Weird Stuff)

XP Value: 2,000

  The sharpness wax is no common wax, because it isn't actually wax. I call it wax because it does the function of the common wax but in less time . The wax come in a transparent bottle and is itself transparent . When used on broken armor or weapon, it repairs it automatically and the armor or weapon looks like a new one. The armor ( or weapon ) is now hard as Adamantite . If used on a new weapon or armor it will change it to a +1 weapon . The touchless bottle (if new it contains 10 doses) You may enchance a magical weapon (but not armor) by spending 2 doses of wax on it.

  Notes: The XP value is variable because the wax is only a prototype...
  Submitted By: Marc-Antoine Robitaille

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