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Scimitar of Tsunami (Weapons)

XP Value: 12,000

  This is a scimatar, of very fine quallity, worth at least 500% of its normal cost to most weapon deallers.
  The scimatar is a +5 weapon jeweled from the tip of the blade to the bottom of the hilt, with its pommel made out of a half inch heavy diamond. It has a slightly more curved of a blade with what some people would call a jagged tip. The bottom half of the blade, near the hilt, protrudes eight tiny spikes in the shape of lightning bolts, four on each side. The hilt of the blade is made out of light-weight red ruby, going all the way down to form what looks like a small cage over the pommel.
  If this weapon is used by a character of the purest goodness, the weapon will grant that wielder amazing powers:
  First, once per 2 months the weilder may call forth a great tsunami centered around him and his companians. The storm has no effect on him or anybody in a radius of 10'. Going away from this circle in all directions is the giant wave. Those outside of the circle suffer 10D6+22 hit points of damage caused by the water presure of the giant wave before being pushed away and possibly drowned. After the wave has passed nothing is left behind except mud and possibly a very few amount of trees.
  Overall the weapon looks like a cruel heavy scimatar, but in reality is a light-weight, remarkable weapon of great destruction capabilities, if used by a lawful-good character.

  Notes: This is a very powerful artifact. It should only be awarded, in any adventure, if they find and destroy an avatar of a lesser god (I would prefer a god of nature and wind).
  Submitted By: David Hopper

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