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The Gaelis Faunaum, Volume I: Creatures from A to Z

Creature Frequency, Alignment Submitted By
Black Goblin Very Rare, Neutral Good Trevor Salzyn
Blockhead Uncommon, True Neutral Shorten
Colossus Very Rare, Chaotic Neutral spike84
Daemon Warrior Very Rare, Chaotic Evil Billy
Dago-Fangen Uncommon, True Neutral Sally Georgeson
Fearfeeder Unique, Chaotic Evil Mike Friendship
Frago Common, Chaotic Evil Del Herm
Lightbringer Very Rare, Lawful Good Recyclebabe
Lycanthrope, Weredragon Very Rare, Chaotic Neutral Olvan Dragonbane
Nilbog Rare, Lawful Neutral Mike Montanye
Smaug Unique, Chaotic Evil Brian Groll
Uzra Haakai Very Rare, Chaotic Evil David Addison

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