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Climate/Terrian: Any
Frequency: Common
Organization: Dark Claw
Activity Cycle: Night
Diet: Animal flesh
Intelligence: Medium
Treasure: Small
Alignment: Chaotic Evil

# Appearing: 1d20
Armor Class: 4
Move rate: 16
Hit Dice: 1
THAC0: 4
# Attacks: 3
Dmg/Attack: 12
Special Attacks: Hurricane spell
Special Defenses: Absorb shield
Magic Resistance: 4%
Size: S (2' to 4')
Morale: Very Good (15 - 17)
XP Value: 50

  Small, always advance shield first, sly and sneaky. Not very dangerous except for their main weapon, a +1 sword.

  Combat: Fast and berserk.

  Habitat: No permanent habitat, belong to the dark claw.

  Submitted By: Del Herm

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