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Climate/Terrian: Any
Frequency: Uncommon
Organization: Solitary or in Pairs
Activity Cycle: Morning, Late Afternoon, Dusk
Diet: Mainly flesh, poison ivy, bones
Intelligence: high
Treasure: Large amount of trinkets
Alignment: True Neutral

# Appearing: 1 or 2
Armor Class: 6
Move rate: 25
Hit Dice: 3
THAC0: 4
# Attacks: 5
Dmg/Attack: Varies
Special Attacks: Poisonclouds, Magic Missiles
Special Defenses: Antipoison, Absorb Electricity
Magic Resistance: Special
Size: M (6')
Morale: Fast, calm and fierce
XP Value: 800

  This creature is a 4 armed, winged reptilian. It is a great warrior, and has a strange ability to absorb earth magics of any sort. All earth magics automatically fail when used against it.

  Combat: Preys on travelers. Its strategy is to suddenly attack.

  Habitat: They are mainly solitary creatures. They meet once every 6 months with each other at a large mountain.

  Ecology: They live for 333 years but can prolong their lives by 6 years as soon as they reach 300 by finding a way to polymorph into a human and eating an orc while in human form.the oldest of the species is called Ambrul the Prolonged who is 792 years old.

  Submitted By: Sally Georgeson

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