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The Gaelis Arcanum, Volume II: Spells of Magic

Spell Name School of Magic, Level Submitted By
Anti-Antimagic Alteration, Level 5 David Black
Arvant's Unbind Enchantment/Charm, Level 2 Andrew Gould
Black Fog Necromancy, Level 6 Frank Aiello
Electric Charge Invocation/Evocation, Level 1 Christopher S. Page
Glass Shield Invocation/Evocation, Level 9 Brandon Bray
Protection from Earth and Stone Alteration, Elemental Earth, Level 3 Trevor Salzyn
Tamec's Firebolt Invocation/Evocation, Elemental Fire, Level 2 Tom Martin
Yeronia's Bombardment Alteration, Elemental Earth, Level 3 Kildorf

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