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Glass Shield (Invocation/Evocation; Level 9)

Components: V, S, M
Range: 0
Duration: Until Activated
Casting Time: 9
Area Of Effect: Self
Saving Throw: None

  This spell creates an invisible barrier that surrounds the caster's body. It moves with the caster until activated, when something hits the caster hard enough to inflict damage. When this happens it negates all damage and the glass shatters. The broken glass hangs in the air for one round before attacking the offender. It inflicts 25 damage for every point of damage that would have been inflicted on the wizard. This spell deals no damage if it is activated as a result of another glass shield spell.

  Notes: The material component to this spell is a diamond worth no less than 5,000 gold.
  Submitted By: Brandon Bray

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