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Yeronia's Bombardment (Alteration, Elemental Earth, Level 3)

Components: V, S, M
Range: 30 yards
Duration: 1 round/5 levels
Casting Time: 1
Area Of Effect: 10' cube/level
Saving Throw: None

  When casting this spell, the caster utters the command words and tosses a handful of pebbles into the air. They become a hail of pebbles, doing 1d8 points of damage to every creature in the area of effect. In addition, all the 10' cubes must be adjacent, and any flying creature must either land or drop out of the area. The spell lasts one round for every five levels of the caster. Movement rates are dropped by 1 in the area of effect, no matter what it is normally. The material component is the handful of pebbles.

  Notes: This spell was created by an elementalist of mine named Yeronia Swifthawk.
  Submitted By: Kildorf

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