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Black Fog (Necromancy; Level 6)

Components: V, S, M
Range: 0
Duration: 1 hour/level
Casting Time: 4
Area Of Effect: Self
Saving Throw: None

  Upon completion, caster asumes the form of a pitch black fog. Caster is immune to all attacks both physical and magical, but can be affected by a Gust of Wind spell or other strong breezes. Caster can not attack or cast spells while in fog form, but he can cancel the spell anytime after the first hour.
  Movement is reduced to a rate of six but caster can fit through small cracks and openings. PC's and NPC's caught within the fog suffer no damage but vision (infravision as well) is reduced to only a few feet. The material components are a piece of charcoal and dried moss.

  Submitted By: Frank Aiello

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