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  The cantref of Ynys y Gwaed is located in the Barony of Ruantallan, in the East Kingdom of the Known World. In the mundane world, it is located on Prince Edward Island, in the eastern part of Canada.

  Here are our Curia officers:

Senesgal: Bro. Uilliam (Lord) O'Fiaranghan mka Christopher Vessey
Herald: Imreal le Ogling de Holfield mka Joe Buist
Exchequer: Lady Rachel of Ynys y Gwaed, our resident minstrel mka Rosalie Simeone
Mistress of Arts and Science: Hawisa Jon mka Joni MacPhail
Chatelaine's Department: Frigg, Mad Woman of the North mka Mabel Peveril
                        and Lady Eluned D'Ante of Afon mka Sandra Ireland

  Upcoming events:
Almost Weekly Get Together
Site: Boys' and Girls' Club, 35 St Peters Road,
Charlottetown, PEI
Date: Friday, 23 March, 2001
Time: Aprox 6:30 to 9:30 pm (site open at 6:00pm)
Bring what ever you're working on or with - Sewing, Weapons, Music, Armour, Recipies ...
Boffer available for practice by those not yet prepared to take the plunge to heavy fighting.
For more information call Diane 368-1146.

Monthly Feast for March
Site: Christian Reformed Church,
153 Mt. Edward Road, Charlottetown PEI
Date: Saturday 31 March, 2001
Time: Site open about 3:30, Eating at about 6:00 pm
No particular "before feast" activities are planned as yet but bring what ever you're working on and we'll socialize. Any who wish may participate an a Bardic Circle before, during or after the feast.

Please check frequently for notice of our monthly meetings and feasts.

Ruantallan Dabblers Guild 2001 Scholae
Coming this spring and summer to a Ruantallan location not too far from us
For more information see the up coming events portion of the Ruantallan site.

  Recent events:
Practice/Demo, 23 February, 2001
We came, we saw, and we played. Thanks to Lord Isard and Lord Thorgar for the Energetic, Fun and Informative Heavy Fighting Practice and Demonstration.

Our Feast For February
Our Second Feast of the Year was held on the 10th of February, 2001. The successful feast was amply attended by 27 gentles. This wonderful attendance included 6 smalls and 4 newbies.

Many dishes were in evidence. These included roast of fowl, stews, and gobbits of minced meats in exotic sauce. There were breads and many fine bakes of grains & noodles. To finish we had small crisp cakes (chocolate chip cookies). There was probably more than I have remembered as there were more dishes than I could sample.

The work on the baldricks was continued. Many were painted with our Ruantallan crest.

We sang a few familiar pieces of music both before and after the feast. We were taught a work song previously unknown to us and treated to a ballad by Lady Catherine and Brother (Lord) Liam.

Our Feast For January
Our First Feast of the Year was successfully held on the 28th of January, 2001. The feast was well attended by a marveleous total of 32 gentles. This grand attendance included 8 smalls and 5 newbies.

We were well Feasted on many dishes. These included roasts of fowl, boils of beef, gobbits of minced meats in exotic sauce and baked fishes. There were bakes of grains & noodles and many fine breads. We also had berries in cream, a tart of apples & berries and fresh & pickeled root vegetables. There was probably more than I have remembered as there were more dishes than I could sample.

The work on the long awaited baldricks was begun but the hoped for singing practice did not get under way. (The seamsters met the next Saturday at a member's home and finished the sewing.)

Hanging of the Greens: A timeless celebration
December 9th, 2000
Medieval celebration of the season
More info to come.

For more information on upcoming events, SCA demos, the SCA in general, or to be placed on our electronic mailing list, you may contact us at one of these addresses

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