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Information Regarding
The March Hare Event

Invitation to a BIG HAREY* DEAL - March 13, 1999

Greetings to all good and mischievous gentles near and far.

The Incipient Cantref of Ynys y Gwaed (under kind and humane sponsorship of the Barony of Ruantallan) invites all to attend and participate in BIG HAIRY* DEAL (a.k.a.: March Hare), March 13, 1999, 12 noon until 11 p.m. (Atlantic Time). (All those who stay until 11 p.m will get to help us with clean-up!)

In the true HAREY* tradition, there will be remarkable events in the unparalleled HARREY* distinction!

FENCING Competition: To gain and/or retain the title for the new HAIREY* champion will be run by the most able, fearless and hairy Lord Stefan Locke.

CHILDREN'S Activities: Our autocrat, Katherine of Tameside, sayeth these activities include a Boffer Tourney. Parents must give their permission for their children to participate. If parents are unable to attend BIG HAIRY* DEAL events with their children, they must appoint a guardian and give permission for children to participate in the Boffer event.

The Arts and Sciences activities thusly include, but are not limited to, the 2nd Annual Favour-making contest. We will provide the cloth, thread, floss, needles and "sizzors" and you provide the talent! (There is no word yet on the subject of the favours!).

As daylight dims and night sets in, all are invited (though they must pay if they wish to eat) to the BIG HARRIE* FEAST.

The feast will include enough food so no one will go hungry, but please help us with the following:

If you have dietary restrictions and/or requirements (e.g. vegan, allergies, diabetic, etc.) please inform the reservation taker, Shelagh Stewart. Her number is (902)566-3949.

DEADLINE for Reservations: MARCH 10, 1999.

There will be a CASH BAR.
We understand some would prefer otherwise, and we apologize to our brewers and vinters, but we must obey laws.

The Mundane Laws of Ynys y Gwaed (Prince Edward Island) specifically referred to: Laws of PEI: Liquor Control Act and Regulations: R.S.P.E.I. 1988 (1998); Cap.L-14;p.19; 70. Refer to it if you have questions. A copy of the entire act can be obtained from the PEI Information Services; Jones Bldg.; Kent St.; Charlottetown, PEI. There is a small fee for the copy.

The Barkeeper's time is paid for by gratuities, so please be generous with gratuities. We wish to be remembered in a kindly way for future events.

FOR ALL MERCHANTS near and far:

To reserve your space to display your delightful wares call the Autocrat, Katherine of Tameside (m.k.a. Carin Ashton) (902) 368-3266; 106 Mariner Dr.; Charlottetown, PEI. Canada C1A 1M2 Please no calls after 10 p.m.(AST)

RESERVATIONS Deadline: March 10, 1999. FEAST and CRASH Space reservations: Shelagh Stewart (902) 566-3949
Reservations for the event must be honoured, so if you reserve, you must pay even if you can't make it. Site Opens at 12 Noon.

***Weapons Inspection: 2:00 p.m.
***Fencing: 3:00 p.m.
***Arts and Sciences: 2:30 p.m. Judging finished by 4 p.m.
***Feast begins at 5:30 p.m.


 Adults: $10.00 ON-Board; Off-Board: $5.00. (This includes all persons 14 and over. As per Welsh Law, 14 and over are considered age of majority and hence must pay adult fees).
 Children: 0 - 5 years: Free
 Children: 6 -13 yrs.: Half Price
 Family: $20.00 Cheques should be made payable to the SCA Inc - Ynys Y Gwaed. All prices are listed in Northern Tigers (Canadian Funds)


  If you do not live on PEI, you must first get thyself to the Confederation Bridge.
  The minimum Confederation Bridge fee, automobiles, $35.50 (return), is paid when you LEAVE, not when you arrive.
  FROM the BRIDGE, follow the TransCanada Highway to Charlottetown. Watch the turn lanes as you will CONTINUE through the city just past the University of PEI. There is a set of traffic lights for the campus. After that set of lights, get into the LEFT TURN lane.
  At the next set of traffic lights (intersection of University and Belvedere) turn LEFT onto Belvedere Ave.(Landmark: A Subway shop is on the corner.) Continue on this road through the 1st. set of lights at Mt. Edward Rd. intersection.
  At the 2nd set lights (Brackley Point Road), advance RIGHT to face the building marked "LEONS", TURN Left onto St. Peter's Rd. (known as Route 2).
  Continue straight on St. Peter's Rd. PAST the next set of traffic lights.( It is a major intersection for St. Peter's Rd. and the By-Pass) (A Landmark is Kentucky Fried Chicken 'palace' on your right).
  Prepare to take the 2nd LEFT onto MacRAE Dr. and take the first RIGHT onto AVONLEA DR.
  The East Royalty Community Center is the building on the corner of MacRae and Avonlea. It is a white building with gray trim. There is a large parking lot.
  IF you get lost, side-tracked, hi-jacked by highwaymen or chickens (fire-breathing palace guards for the Kentucky King), call us at (902)629-1513 after 12 noon.

The site is the East Royalty Community Centre; 1 Avonlea Dr.; Charlottetown, PEI, Canada. The name "Malcolm J Darrach" is on the building

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(***Harey spelling is "inconsistent" for many reasons, but mostly "We wanted YOUR attention!")
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