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Information Regarding
The Merrie Medieval Faire

      Greetings to all good gentles, herein is news of a village medieval faire at St. Mary's Church in Indian River, PEI; Route 104, just a scant 6 km from Kensington, PEI. It is thusly I write to remind you about the third such medieval faire, on the 31st day of July, 1999, from the hours of 1 to 5 in the afternoon. It is open to everyone who has an interest in all things Medieval.

      This event is planned by the Indian River Festival Association, so that members of the SCA will have an event at which they can participate, but will not have to do all the planning. It also provides an opportunity to showcase the beautiful St. Mary's Church, and the wonderful musical concerts that are given there during the summer months. It is also an opportunity for non-professional musicians, both vocalists and instrumentalists, to perform in St. Mary's Church, known for its nearly perfect acoustics. As well, various merchants will be present displaying or demonstrating their craft. Thus, we shall have an afternoon filled with music and medieval fun.

This event is FREE.


  • Flax spinner (Ann Silk) and possible demo on prep. of flax for spinning
  • Wool Spinning
  • Tablet weaving Demo (Yvonne Gillespie)
  • Paper making - Wicknacks
  • Soapmaker - Moonsnail
  • Bead work: Charlotte's Web -- Charlotte MacDonald
  • Braids of Garlic
  • Coffee, Tea and cold beverage merchant - Caledonia House Coffee
  • Viking Leather (Enna Bone Trader---who has just become a juried artisan in PEI Craft council)
  • Fabric Artist: Margaret England - Medieval and other fabric scenes
  • Enchanted Candles (possible)
  • Louise Lortie - Wheat weaver
  • Nancy Adams - The Basket Case -- Basket weaving (demo)
  • Island Flowers Dried Flowers - Janet Moszinski
  • Frieder Hermann. --- North Shore Pottery
  • Tentative: Food and beverage sales... fruit tarts, possibly pretzels made by the hands of YyG bakers, perhaps other items.

  • The Island Harpers
  • The Dorian Mode - Recorder group
  • John O'Neill - Hammered Dulcimer
  • Sine Nome - First, ONLY and New Madrigal Group - directed by Claire Smith
  • The Gwaedian Singers - directed by Rosalie Simeone ...YYG Choir
  • Scottish Country Dancers - Tony Reddin.
  • Trio de Trinitum - Medieval music variety (Brohdran, Gaelic, English, etc.)

      If you know anyone who wants to sing or play an instrument (group or individual), or anyone who wants to be a merchant, please have them e-mail There is no charge to be a performer or to be a merchant, but we must know so that space can be arranged. It is imperative that you inform us as soon as possible. Time slots are quickly disappearing and merchant space is at a premium.

      Performers, (music or poetry only, please) are asked to do two sets. The music may be the same for both sets, or it can be different. Additionally, those musicians who wish to do "medieval busking" are invited to do so in the medieval tent or in the village.

Tenting Accomodations:
      There is a location for those who wish to make this a tenting weekend at the home of Yogi Fell. Her telephone number is (902) 964-3220. please make arrangements through her. She will give you directions to her site.

      Keep in mind that, while this is not an SCA event or demo (SCA did the work in 1997), folks who are members and attenders at local, regional and the parent organization of SCA are welcomed and invited to come and be a part of the little (though temporary) medieval village. Since it is not an SCA event, there will be no competitions, fighting, archery, or any other sort of SCA-type events. However, if, for example, a group of fighters wanted to come and do a demo fight, they would be most welcome. Of course, any SCAdians who just want to come and look around, and be part of the medieval village, are most welcome.

      This is a relatively new endeavour put on by the community and the Indian River Festival Association to promote the beautiful arts of music, crafts and food of the Middle Ages, and to allow folks who would not have the opportunity to perform in St.Mary's Church. The eventis free and SCA folks are invited. We'd like to keep this a non-commercial venture, thus it is a local event where we can come and play without all the hassle of planning it too. Also I might add, that if any group or individual wants to donate to or join the Indian River Festival Association, a tax-deductible receipt is available.

      If you would like to see the site, the following addresses will give you some intersting photos of St. Mary's Church at Indian River. Note: These sites exist on the official Indian River Festival site.

The church itself:
Fund-raiser item donated by Iris Ethridge, fabric artist:
Musicians in a field with the church in the background: More complete directions:

Other current background information about St. Mary's Church:
      Among the East Coast musicians who have made recordings at St. Mary's, you may find a current CD by ESTE MUNDO. Paul Bernard and his group are a favourite. They won the East Coast Music Awards last year.. instrumental. Type of music.. very Latino with a tad of Celtic. The CD should be available in most Maritime CD stores.

      This is also an opportuinty for YOUR group to try out some new songs, and what a way to do it, in one of the most critically acclaimed acoustical locations in Eastern Canada. (Often there is a herd of cows munching on grass across the road... can't beat this for relaxed and beautiful.)

      We hope you will be able to join us, as an attender, a merchant or a performer.

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