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Sister Gems (Miscellaneous Magic: Jewels, Jewelery, Phylacteries)

XP Value: unsure

  A long time ago, an elven craftsmaster crafted three beautiful peices of jewelry. He named them the Sister Gems and gave special powers to them.
  The first of these Sister Gems was the Flaming Ruby that is set in an antiqued gold ring. It shines with an awesome brilliance that looks like a fire. When its power is provoked {by exclaiming some mysterious name made up by the DM}, seering flames shoot forth from the ring in a fire ball. Does same damage as the fire ball spell. The second is the Life Giving Emereld, which, is set in an antiqued golden amulet. It has the ability to cure diseases, sicknesses, and if the case is not to serious, death. When called upon a soft green glow floods its wearers vision and seeps into the wounds of the wearer's body. In about 5 minutes the sickness, diseases, etc., are cured. The third, and last of the sister gems is the Spraying Saphire. This was crafted in a beautiful antique gold bracelet. When its power is provoked, it sends forth a spray of deep blue water that has the ability to drown the wearers oponent if the saving throw is not made.
  If the sister gems come together with the same wearer, they will unite and change form so that they are no longer three seperate peices of jewelry. Instead, they become one powerfully beautiful crown. Together, they do double the original effects. The Flaming Ruby's damage is doubled the Life Giving Emerald can cure up to 3 times a day instead of once and the Spraying Saphire allows no saving throw.

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  Submitted By: Arwen Evenstar

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